Professional Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom doesn’t have to keep you from having a beautiful one. But designing a practical space when you’re confined to a small square footage can be a challenge. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s 4 simple tips to incorporate when designing a small bathroom: 

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1. Keep it simple

When designing your bathroom, it’s important to choose smart and streamlined storage solutions. Consider a wall hung vanity to free up floor space and make the room appear bigger. Companies like ABI interiors and Timberline offer great options, but a custom piece of joinery can be tailored to your specific needs.

Mirror shaving cabinets are a tried and true storage solution, while shower niches and ledges are both trendy and functional ways to streamline storage in the shower. These options prevent the need for bulky and unsightly storage solutions.


2.  Be space conscious

In order to make the most of your bathroom space, try simplifying the design by using a single fixed panel for your shower instead of a framed shower panel and door. This will create a sleek and timeless look while saving space. Another clever solutions to having minimal space is opting for a pocket door, preventing the need to have a door swing into the room and take up precious space.

Even down to the little things like selecting wall mounted tap ware, which will free up bench space on your vanity.


3. Stick to a cohesive colour palette

When designing your bathroom, it’s important to choose a cohesive colour palette. Opting for neutral or monochromatic colours can help prevent the space from feeling cramped or cluttered. 

By keeping the colour palette simple, you allow the design to speak for itself. 

4. Accessorise with purpose

Consider accessorising with purpose by adding stylish storage solutions such as soap dispenser holders, shower caddies, and robe hooks. For an extra touch of luxury, you can add Wicca baskets for towels and toilet paper, or a wooden stool beside the tub.