7 Reasons Why You Need To Hire An Interior Designer

An interior designers job is to ensure that at the end of your renovation project you are left with a space that truly feels like home. Interweaving function and aesthetic is something a designer is trained to do. Your space should not only look incredible but be a true reflection of your personal style.

Good Space have a dedicated team of in house interior designers to guide you through the renovation process from start to finish. Taking away the stress of trying to manage a project on your own and making sure the end result leaves you with the space of your dreams.

If you still need convincing, here’s 7 reasons why hiring an interior designer will be the best decision you make for your next renovation project:


1. You’ll save money

Hiring an interior designer eliminates the chance of making costly mistakes, helps reduce unnecessary spending and guarantees that you are left with a renovation that adds exponential value to your home. When you take all those factors into consideration, it’s easy to realise that the cost of hiring a professional Interior designer equated to saving money in the long run. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Not only that but an interior designer will provide accurate, detailed plans as well as  material and fittings schedules to ensure your not left with any last minute purchases or mistakes made by poor planning and lack of communication with trades.

2. You’ll save time

Any renovation project takes a lot of work from behind the scenes, especially if you’re new to the game. An experienced interior designer is trained to know how to plan and structure a project, knowing what order to do things and can even anticipate problems before they arise.

Like we said earlier, having accurate plans will mean you’re not stuck with delays on-site once construction has begun, saving you precious time.

Interior designers have a network of trades and industry professional that they work closely with. Having access to this precious resource of connection will undoubtably save you time that you would have wasted calling around trying to request quotes and lock down trades, that in the end you don’t even know if you can trust.

Let our team make sure that your next renovation project runs smoothly and on time.

3. Professional Expertise

The benefits of hiring a qualified interior designer is that you’re getting access to all the years of training and experience that is required to be a professional in the field. There’s a lot of moving parts and details throughout the renovation process that often get forgotten. Our team of experienced and qualified Interior designers will ensure that no detail is missed.

An interior designer is also going to provide a fresh perspective and offer innovative design solutions and ideas that you may never have considered without their professional expertise.

4.  Industry resources and contacts

We all know how hard it is to lock down trades that you know and can trust. Then there’s the challenge of knowing where to look for materials such as tiles, tapware and more. One of the major perks about utilising the services provided by an interior designer is access to the invaluable industry resources, trade contacts and supplier relationships that come along with the service. This could mean receiving your goods earlier or even having access to products that are only available to industry professionals.

Here at Good Space we love what we do and we work with trades that are equally dedicated and passionate about the quality of work they produce. We have incredible and long-standing relationship with trades based both in the Southern Highlands region as well as Sydneys Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.


5. Project management and budgeting

From the very initial planning stages, to layout and material selection, all the way through to final completion of a project. That is the service you should expect from a trusted and qualified interior designer.  They will also have the experience and expertise to produce a beautiful and sophisticated space whilst staying within the constraints of your budget. 

Knowing you have an industry professional overseeing the design components of your project to ensure your left with the space you had envisioned is yet another reason why hiring an interior designer is a smart investment for your next renovation project.

6. Trade liaison 

A good interior designer is trained to know not only how to work with all trades but to know exactly what they require to complete your job successfully.

Here at Good Space we are a design to construction company  and our growing team consists of specialised trades, project managers, architects and interior designers. Each project is overseen by our highly experienced management team. Meaning we’re already one step ahead and can ensure you have the right trades for the job.

7. Less stress

With all that being said, the idea of handling the renovation process on your own must suddenly seem like an overwhelming task.  Our skilled and experienced team of interior designers and trades here at Good Space promise to make the whole experience a stress free enjoyable process.

We would love to hear about your next renovation project, give us a call or to get in touch via our Contact Form.