VJ Wall Panelling

Thinking of adding an alternative interior feature apart from Tiles to your Bathroom Design? – VJ Panelling or VJ Boards have made their way, as the next best thing for an affordable option!
























As the name suggests VJ comes from “Vertical Join” or can also mean Tongue and Groove Panelling. They are ready-made Australian hardwood panels which are easy to install and can be fixed to wall studs or concrete walls. Their low- fibre swell characteristics make them a durable water resistant product, perfect for a cost saving option in creating a timeless feature for your bathroom.

VJ Wall Panelling
























These wall panels come in a range of different profiles and can be painted to suit your bathroom style and colour scheme. They can add-in a textural element to a simple flat wall – perfect for making a statement behind vanities, bathtubs and anywhere else in between apart from wet areas. Their linear style can extend the height of the space when laid vertically and can make a narrow space seem larger when laid horizontal – creating just enough visual interest in your bathroom.

VJ Wall Panelling


A popular feature in a Southern Highlands home- is by bringing these decorative panels half height with skirting at the bottom or having your floor tiles come half height and continuing wall panelling around- providing softness, texture and a fantastic feature in the space!

It’s always a good idea to decide where your vj panelling will provide you the best benefit in your overall bathroom look as it can cut your tile costs considerably without compromising your design idea!

At Good Space our designers and renovation team will work with you to complete the perfect renovation. We service most of the beautiful Southern Highlands. 

VJ Wall Panelling VJ Wall Panelling