Top Designer Kitchen Tips


The primary purpose of undercabinet lighting is to illuminate the countertop, which in turn makes food preparation easier on the eyes. That’s why it’s known as task lighting. Always install the task light toward the front of the cabinet, not toward the back. If the light is stationed closer to the back wall, it primarily highlights the backsplash tile and not the counter, defeating the purpose of the light.

Often overlooked, we place a lot of importance on a good kitchen lighting scheme, as it really does impact how the space functions and looks. Pendant lights above island benches add instant drama and ambience, while LED downlights are ideal for task lighting in key prep areas. Flexible strop lighting provides warmth to your design, highlighting key areas such as splashbacks or you might like to opt for our vertical strip lighting. Each shelf can really glow with the strip lighting creating a gorgeous ambience in the space.


Hide appliances with paneling

Whether or not you are paneling the refrigerator, consider paneling the dishwasher for a clean, harmonious look, uninterrupted by a stainless steel appliance next to the sink. Microwaves are still an integral part of most kitchens for reheating beverages and leftovers. Most clients prefer them out of sight rather than occupying valuable counter space. One option is to keep them hidden in a wall cabinet with a lift-up door, as shown in this photo.


The Finer details that make a Huge difference

A chic handle is the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen cabinets, bringing your whole kitchen style together. We have an extensive range of handle options including integrated designs if you love a sleek modern look. What type of handle you choose will depend entirely on the style of the room. There are round knobs and square, there’s long handles and short ones or you might even choose to go handle less! As a general rule, the longer your drawers are, the longer the handle will be and conversely, a narrow drawer looks best with a shorter handle.

Integrating appliances such as dishwashers behind our joinery allows you to place these key items within your main kitchen space without becoming a focal point. Also consider your benchtop thickness and profile as well as elements such as open shelving along walls or within your kitchen island bench. kitchen renovation


Incorporate integrated storage solutions

Clever storage solutions are critical to the success of how your kitchen functions. We have an extensive range of storage solutions which offer numerous designs such as pull-out pantries, wire pull-out drawers, cutlery tray inserts, and integrated bins. At Good space all our joinery is completely customised so you can ensure functionality and aesthetic align beautifully. 

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