How to Choose which Metals to Mix

How to select the perfect combination of Metals

To understand how to create balance with metals, you first need to know which metals are warm, and which are cool. 

When considering mixing metals, start by assessing their undertones. You can either pair them within their respective tone palettes or choose a contrasting effect — for instance, introducing touches of brass amidst chrome or vice versa. 

General Guidelines


A general guideline followed by many designers is to steer clear of placing overly similar shades together, like brass and gold or nickel and stainless steel, as this can look unintentional and messy. Similarly, avoid combining

Keep in mind that brass, bronze, gold, and copper tones warm up a space, and stainless finishes, nickel, and chrome cool it down. Using a brass light fixture in an all-stainless kitchen can offer an element of surprise and warmth in an otherwise cool kitchen, for example.

Select your mix of metals by considering the room’s use and overall feeling. For example, in more formal spaces, such as a primary bathroom or powder room, our interior designer Karley prefers to use brass regardless of what other metal is used around the rest of the house.

Combining different metal finishes and sheens gives the impression that a design has evolved over time. It is a great way to make a room feel collected rather than pulled straight from a catalog.

Properly mixing metals with intention gives a home a curated feel, whilst showcasing your personal style and touch. Mixing metals has the potential to add so much character to your home. When you mix chrome with antiqued brass, or matte black with polished gold, you are creating depth, visual interest, and a richness that gives your home a lived-in feel that is timeless.



Rule of Thumb


Many designers follow this rule of thumb: mix one to two metals in small rooms and no more than two to three metals in large rooms. For example, in a small powder room, stick to mixing no more than two metals for a cohesive look.

Mixing metals is all about creating balance.

In all of home decor, we want to balance warm with cool, dark with light, old with new, little with big, masculine with feminine, and matte with shine. And creating balance in a home’s design keeps the space feeling good. You need the yin with the yang in order for your design to be beautiful, and this is no different when mixing metals in your home.

If you are unsure on what the best choice is you can always reach out to our in house interior designers who can guide you through our extensive hand selected range of designer fixtures and tap-ware in our beautiful Showroom.